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ZoomAlbum Creator™ software is your tool for organizing and printing digital images in ZoomAlbum’s patented booklet format. To get the full benefit of the software, you will need:

    o A PC that meets the minimum system requirements (view requirements).
    o An Inkjet photo printer hooked up to your PC.

ZoomAlbum is not photo editing software, so if you plan to edit or enhance photos for your albums, please use photo editing software to do so before you move the photos into any version of ZoomAlbum software.

  (Posted: September 12, 2006; Updated October 23, 2007 )
ZoomAlbum Creator™ Version 2.1.22 for Windows® is now available!

  (Posted: July 10, 2006; Updated October 23, 2007)
ZoomAlbum Creator™ Version 2.1.25 for Macintosh® is now available!

  (Posted: Dec 06, 2005; Updated Oct 28, 2006)
Click here for information on printing issues with certain HP printers
If you are using an HP All-In-One printer, this information is very important!

ZoomAlbum Creator™ Software Users Guides
ZoomAlbum Creator™ Personal Version 2.1 Users Guide for Windows®
ZoomAlbum Creator™ Version 2.1 Users Guide for Macintosh®

ZoomAlbum Creator™ Software Download

After filling in the brief form below, you will be forwarded directly to the ZoomAlbum software download page. Please carefully read the download options posted there before selecting the version that best suits your needs.

Thank You.

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