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How to Make a ZoomAlbum

Making an Album

It's very easy to make a ZoomAlbum. Creating albums of family activities and special events is a good way to capture and share those memories in a highly personal way. Making albums can be a family project that gets everyone involved, and we want you to enjoy the process.

When you see your photos emerge on the glossy flat sheet, it may be hard to imagine that with just a little creative folding, you'll turn that sheet into a professional quality mini photo album. But you willÖ and here's how to do it.

An outline of the steps to make a ZoomAlbum:

First, load the software into your Windows® or Macintosh® Computer. Use the CD-ROM that comes with the Album Kit, or visit the website and download the easy-to-use Creator software. Itís best to check the website often, because upgrades will appear there first.

If you are working with a Refill Kit, you probably already have a CD-ROM from your original purchase. If not, go to www.ZoomAlbum.com and download the latest software.

Organize your photos by following the on-screen instructions for selecting, dragging, dropping, and organizing your digital photos. You can rotate your photos, and you can add captions, too. When you have the twelve photos selected and arranged the way you want them, you're ready for the next step.

Printing the photo sheet is simple, but you have to follow the instructions. It's important that you understand the features, settings and operation of your Inkjet printer. It's also important to follow the instructions for inserting the ZoomAlbum photo sheets and photo cover sheets into your paper tray. Print a test sheet first to see that everything is set to go. Use blank legal size paper for printing additional test sheets.

Follow the folding instructions on the back of the photo sheet to fold the printed photo sheet paper. In a few seconds you'll turn that flat sheet into a compact little booklet! Now you have a 12 photo album, properly arranged in a secure and permanent progression of pages. (You're actually practicing a little bit of Origami - the ancient Japanese are of paper folding.)

The last thing to do is to insert your completed ZoomAlbum into the hardcover by peeling off the backing of the photo paper and pressing the folded pages into the spine of the hardcover. Press firmly where indicated, and your album is complete. Congratulations.

If you are making a photo cover for your album, the process is similar, but requires another step. To make a photo cover album, you'll select one photograph that will become the front and back cover. Since this one photo will "wrap around" the entire face of the cover, try to pick a photo that will look good as the main visual for both the front and back of your album.

After printing, you will attach your cover photo to the hardbound album following an easy set of "press and fold" instructions. In a snap, you'll have an album that looks as if you had it professionally produced.

There are more detailed instructions elsewhere on the website, and printed instructions are included with each ZoomAlbum kit or refill kit. Be sure to follow them closely, and enjoy your albums.

Watch a Short Movie of the Folding Instructions Click Here
Watch a Short Movie of the Photo Cover Instructions Click Here
Download the Printed ZoomAlbum Instructions  (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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